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Fixed Wireless is Here

BlueFi's Fixed Wireless

Fast, reliable internet with fixed wireless.

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Reliable internet in rural or mobile areas? Our service covers 99% of the country, providing high-quality LTE and 5G cellular business internet at speeds of 50-300mbps. Ideal for nursing care, construction, retail, and remote work industries.

Our Pricing

per month

5G Plans

  • Unlimited Data Cap

  • No Overage Rates

  • Volume Discounts Available

  • Tech Support Included

Currently not available in all markets.

per month

LTE Plans

  • 300 GB Data Cap

  • $5/GB for Overage

  • Volume Discounts Available

  • Tech Support Included

How We Can Help
BlueFi Construction Jobsite Support

Construction Jobsites

Our solution was tailor made for the construction industry, and eliminates the need for site surveys, long wait times and expensive construction costs. Our service is fast and easy to install, and will have your construction jobsite up and running in no time. With no long-term contracts, you can rest assured that your internet connection will be always reliable and secure.

Mobile Workspaces

BlueFi offers secure and reliable business internet for your mobile workspaces. In rural locations or temporary offices, finding wired internet can be challenging. Our service covers 99% of the nation, with turnaround times in days, not weeks or months. Enjoy affordable high-speed internet for the seamless operation of your mobile workspaces and critical applications.

BlueFi Mobile Workspaces Support
BlueFi Surveillance Monitoring

Surveillance Monitoring

Does your company rely on remote monitoring to protect assets and ensure employee safety? Our affordable wireless connection keeps your cameras connected, even in remote areas. Enjoy peace of mind with robust security measures, 100% wireless connection, and enhanced visibility for your premises.

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