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Stay Connected with 5G Routers

Stay Connected with BlueFi

BR1 Mini (HW3)


The BR1 Mini (HW3) is the perfect entry-level workhorse wireless failover option. Supporting dual cellular bands, this Category 6 router can provide data download speeds of 30-50mbps, making it ideal for small offices, mobile kiosks, food trucks, and construction job sites with 5 or fewer users. With great performance at an affordable price, the BR1 Mini is a fantastic router for those on the go.

CSG m106 Router

CSG m106 Cat 6

$319.99/unit (volume discounts available)

With its compact design and efficient performance, the CSG m106 Cat 6 router is well-suited for small offices and low-data applications like point-of-sale systems and LTE phone replacements. It is specifically designed to excel in these use cases, offering reliable connectivity and streamlined functionality. The m106 Cat 6 router's combination of size and performance makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable networking solution in smaller office environments.


Max BR1 Pro 5G

$899.99/unit ($100 off MSRP)

The Max BR1 Pro 5G is a robust and reliable 4G/5G fixed wireless router. It supports all LTE cellular bands and 5G bands for optimal performance and flexibility. With support for 5G UWB (ultrawide broadband) bands, this router can achieve gigabit speeds. Ideal for applications that require maximum throughput and reliability, this router is the ideal choice for businesses leveraging 5G technology.

4x4 MIMO External Antenna

4x4 MIMO External Antenna


The 4x4 MIMO external antenna is a cellular booster specifically designed for challenging environments such as garages, basements, telecom closets, and large concrete warehouses. It enhances signal strength, ensuring reliable connectivity and faster data speeds for multiple devices simultaneously. With its robust design and high-gain performance, this antenna overcomes structural barriers, providing a solution for eliminating dropped calls and improving cellular reception in difficult areas.

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