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Unlocking New Possibilities

BlueFi Possibilities
BlueFi Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless

Need reliable internet in rural or mobile locations? Our service covers 99% of the country, delivering high-quality cellular business internet using LTE and 5G networks at speeds of 50-300mbps. Perfect for various industries like nursing care, construction, retail, and remote work.

BlueFi Wireless Failover

Wireless Failover

Imagine the agony of an internet crash, leaving you helpless without access to vital files, emails, payments, and customer communication. Our failover solution ensures uninterrupted connectivity, offering the peace of mind your business craves.

BlueFi Point of Sale Redundancy


Merchant processing and uninterrupted point of sale operations require the criticality of redundancy. Investing in this backup system is a small but valuable expense, providing peace of mind and ensuring 100% uptime.

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